A wooden drop spindle with cotton looped through its hook. The spindle lies on its side on a yellow table

Demo Day: Drop Spindle Spinning

On June 20th, come learn about the history of textile spinning and witness a live demonstration of thread spinning on a drop spindle. Drop in any time between 11 AM and 3 PM.

Image of a cast iron press in a museum gallery with illustrations of two men working in a print shop on the back wall

Juneteenth: Stories of the Enslaved in San Felipe de Austin

Join us on Saturday, June 22nd for a special focus on the stories of the enslaved that lived and worked in the San Felipe de Austin community.

A group of battle reenactors dodging enemy fire behind a barricade.

Campaign Briefing: The Marianas

In June 1944, the United States was embroiled in savage fighting for the Marianas Islands, the last bastion of the Japanese Central Pacific Perimeter. At stake—airfields on Guam, Saipan, and Tinian that would position American bombers in range of Tokyo.

Join us on June 22nd, 80 years later, to examine the big questions of the campaign: “why did we invade the Marianas?”, “what happened during the battle?” and “what was the result of the campaign?”.

During the presentation, the living history volunteers of Company K will engage in a battle demonstration including simulated explosives, blank-firing guns, and a real M2-2 flamethrower.

A group of 5 boys standing in green grass crowd around a 4-pounder cannon. The boy closest to the cannon is holding a cannon sponge and dips the head of the sponge into a bucket hanging from the cannon's barrel.

Experience San Jacinto Summer Camp- June Session

The San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site presents “Experience San Jacinto,” a three-day summer camp program that immerses the participant in the history before the battle, the battle itself, and its aftermath.

A group of re-enactors fire a cannon. A large plume of smoke emanates from the barrel

Boom: Cannon Demonstration

Witness our trained staff demonstrate how a cannon is safely loaded and fired and experience the thrill of live cannon fire every half hour!

Soldier Equipment Display

A Soldier's Life

Visit for a hands on experience of Soldier's equipment from the 1800s at Fort Lancaster

Thursday, June 20th, 2024 from 1pm to 4pm.

Contact Fort Lancaster at: 432-836-4391 for more information.

Image of a group of men in military muster formation with information about the militia day at the bottom of the image.  The Farmer's hotel is in the background

Summer Clean Up in the Villa

As the summer marches on, come and join the militia! Learn about how the militia functioned and why it was necessary in the time of Stephen F. Austin.

Image of Joe Berrong in living history

19th Century Medicine

Want to know the medicine doctors practiced on the frontier? Join Joe Berrong, a retired doctor, and Living Historian specializing in 19th century medicine will give a talk and discussion about medical practices, techniques, and medicine of the 1800s. See the antique tools of the trade and learn how they were used.

The French Legation was once home to Dr. Joseph Robertson, one of the first doctors in Austin. Many of these practices were standard to Roberson’s career. Learning about these practices offers perspective of the medical practices that were offered to Austin residents, and a unique glimpse into the history of the era.

Girl running down a path pushing a hoop

Independence Day Historic Games

Join us on Independence Day at San Felipe de Austin for your chance to play historic games in outdoor exhibit, the Villa de Austin!

Two anvils on stands with an interpretive sign in the middle

Ich bin ein Amerikaner: Independence Day on the Bluff

Celebrate Independence Day German-Texan style up on the Bluff. Join the sites for independence day-themed tours, living history, and other family activities throughout the post-Fourth-of-July weekend.