The Texas Historical Commission (THC) works with project sponsors, cultural resource consultants, and preservation architects to develop solutions for complying with the state and federal laws and protecting and preserving historic resources. Archeological studies must follow professional standards regarding survey and reporting methods. Work proposed to any historic building must meet specific requirements associated with the applicable program and best practices for historic preservation. The property owner should obtain the services of a preservation consultant through a contract with that individual or organization. Those services are varied and may be for report or grant application preparation, artifact curation, or the development of a maintenance plan for a completed project.

Check our publications, such as Finding and Hiring a Preservation Consultant, for additional information.

You can obtain lists of most professional archeologists in Texas (many of whom perform contract archeological investigations) online at: Council of Texas Archeologists or Register of Professional Archeologists  or  Please note that other qualified archeologists not included on these lists may be used.

To locate a qualified architect, you should contact local preservation organizations or owners of historic properties in your area. Development of a preservation master plan or historic structures report may be the first step in your process. Our Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program (THCPP) requires the county or city to prepare and submit a master plan; see its list of master plan consultants. Actual projects undertaken and completed through the THCPP and the consultant used for each are listed on the THCPP project architects list. Further information on architects in your area may also be obtained through your local chapter of the Texas Society of Architects.

If you are new to working in Texas, please review the THC requirements and procedures found under Regulatory Archeology in Texas. For additional information, you can contact the regional archeologists or Project Reviewers.