The Texas Historical Commission (THC) is the state agency for historic preservation. We save the real places that tell the real stories of Texas.

Our staff consults with citizens and organizations to preserve Texas history through its architectural, archeological, and cultural landmarks. The agency is recognized nationally for its preservation programs.

The commission is composed of 15 citizen members appointed by the governor to staggered six-year terms. Agency employees work in various fields, including archeology, architecture, history, economic development, heritage tourism, public administration, and urban planning.

The Texas State Legislature established the agency in 1953 as the Texas State Historical Survey Committee with the task to identify important historic sites across the state. The Texas Legislature changed the agency's name to the Texas Historical Commission in 1973. Along with the name change came more protective powers, an expanded leadership role, and broader educational responsibilities.

Our Mission

To protect and preserve the state’s historic and prehistoric resources for the use, education, enjoyment, and economic benefit of present and future generations.

Our Philosophy

Our business is to preserve and leverage Texas history for the social and economic benefit of its citizens. We are committed to:

  • Empowering our local, state, and national partners to effectively preserve the resources that keep Texas history alive
  • Teaching Texas communities to use historic assets to help create economic opportunities and foster a sense of place
  • Cultivating a culture of creativity and excellence for our employees
  • Serving the residents of Texas and our diverse clients with the highest standards of professionalism, responsiveness, consistency, accountability, and ethics

Our Values

Values are beliefs that are shared among the staff and leadership of the agency and are woven into our day-to-day work, in the projects we undertake, and in the decisions we make.

We share the following key values with all preservation partners in Texas, as articulated in Our Resilient Heritage: 2022-2032 Statewide Preservation Plan:

  • Quality of life: Historic places enhance the general well-being of individuals and communities.
  • Authenticity: We focus on telling the real stories of the state’s history through the places, structures, objects, and traditions that convey them authentically.
  • Cultural Diversity: We preserve the places and stories of Texas’ rich cultural heritage and communities.
  • Partnerships: We work together across cultures, interests, and disciplines to achieve mutually beneficial goals.
  • Communication: We keep people informed and develop strong lines of communication internally and externally with partners and stakeholders.

Historic Preservation Office

The THC serves as the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) as required by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA), as amended. The NHPA directs all states to administer federal preservation laws and policies. These policies and programs serve as the foundation for all SHPOs and for a unified national historic preservation effort.

Under the NHPA, the THC is required to:

  • Survey and inventory historic resources
  • Nominate significant historic resources to the National Register of Historic Places
  • Identify and mitigate resources potentially affected by federally controlled projects (Section 106)
  • Facilitate the federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit program
  • Administer the Certified Local Government program
  • Prepare and implement a comprehensive statewide preservation plan
  • Provide public information, education, training, and technical assistance in historic preservation
  • Provide funds to the public for preservation activities

Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Commission

The Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Commission (THGAAC) was established by the Legislature in 2021 as a nine-member Advisory Commission to the Texas Historical Commission. Our mission is to combat and confront hatred, prejudice, and indifference by educating all Texans about the Holocaust and other genocides in an effort to dismantle antisemitism and prevent future atrocities.