Historical Markers

The Historical Marker Program coordinates thousands of Official Texas Historical Markers; administers the Recorded Texas Historic Landmark (RTHL) designation; provides public access to documentation submitted for markers; and can direct individuals to local archives for research.

Courthouse Preservation

The Courthouse Preservation Program administers the nationally renowned, award-winning Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program and provides technical assistance, regulatory review, and stewardship training and support for current and former county courthouses.

County Historical Commission Outreach

The County Historical Commission (CHC) Outreach Program administers Distinguished Service Awards and CHC annual reports; maintains CHC contact information; and offers training and guidance to CHC appointees, elected officials, and partner organizations working to preserve Texas' historic and cultural resources.

Museum Services

The Museum Services Program provides training, resources, and individualized support to staff and volunteers of history museums in Texas.

Cemetery Preservation

The Cemetery Preservation Program administers the Historic Texas Cemetery Designation; maintains a statewide cemetery inventory; and offers training and guidance to individuals and organizations working to protect and preserve historic cemeteries.

Disaster Assistance

The Disaster Assistance Program oversees administration of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria Emergency Supplemental Historic Preservation Fund grants and provides guidance on disaster preparedness and recovery, including information on state and federal agencies with disaster assistance roles.

State Historic Site Preservation

Learn more about the THC's efforts to preserve the agency's historic properties throughout the state.