Historic Preservation Tax Credits

Historic Preservation Tax Credits include both state and federal incentive programs administered by the Texas Historical Commission that offer tax credits in exchange for successful rehabilitations of historic buildings. Program staff provide professional guidance and oversight to potential and current applicants.

Texas Preservation Trust Fund

The Texas Preservation Trust Fund Grant Program offers matching, reimbursable grants for endangered historic properties, archeological properties and collections, and heritage education.

Certified Local Government Grants

CLG grants provide funding to participating city and county governments to develop and sustain an effective local preservation program critical to preserving local historic resources.

Courthouse Grants

The Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program awards planning grants for the county to produce architectural plans and specifications; construction grants for the county to undertake construction of some kind; and emergency grants to address issues endangering a historic courthouse or its occupants.

Museum Grants and Fundraising

The Texas Historical Commission has collected internal and external resources about grant-writing resources and specific grant opportunities for museums. 

Additional Funding Sources for Preservation Projects

This is a compilation of potential funding sources for historic preservation projects, including for homeowners, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, religious organizations, rural communities and others.