The Texas Historic Courthouse Stewardship Program (THCSP) offers tools, technical assistance and training to all 254 counties to preserve the county courthouses of Texas. The THCSP offers annual and regional courthouse stewardship (maintenance) workshops that educate and train county facility managers and other courthouse stewards on best maintenance practices, funded by a generous annual grant from the Texas Land Title Association (TLTA). The annual workshop provides one- to two-and-a-half days of training and takes place in Austin as part of the THC’s annual Real Places conference, and courthouse stewards are offered a discounted registration rate and cover two hotel nights. The one-day regional stewardship workshops are held two to three times per year, alternating regions throughout the state. The THCSP produced a Texas Courthouse Maintenance Handbook to help all counties understand the process of cyclical maintenance that will help save counties money and preserve historic courthouses. 

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