The 2023 reporting period is now underway! Annual reporting to the Texas Historical Commission (THC) is a statutory requirement for County Historical Commissions (CHC). Reporting allows our staff to better identify CHC needs, statewide trends, and how we may provide better support services. As a courtesy, the CHC Outreach Program provides the report to expedite this responsibility and maintain reporting consistency.  

Reporting Responsibilities for CHC Chairs

CHC chairs are the THC's primary point of contact for annual reporting and should note the following:

  • The deadline to submit your annual report is March 1, 2024. 
  • Whether your CHC is active or inactive, reporting annually is a statutory requirement. 
  • The weblink to complete the report online is not made public. On January 2, CHC chairs will be emailed the reporting weblink to complete the annual report online. 
  • Chairs will be mailed annual reporting instructions on January 2. 
  • If the chair delegates annual report completion to another individual, it is the chair's responsibility to forward reporting instructions to the individual completing the report.
  • Do not submit multiple versions of the annual report. Submit one report online, by email, or mail.

Preparing for the Annual Report

Gather the following information prior to beginning the annual report:

  • The number of appointees who served on the CHC.
  • A detailed list of CHC projects and accomplishments.
  • Budget and treasury reports.
  • A list of educational and training opportunities.
  • Volunteer hours accumulated.
  • A list of preservation work undertaken by the CHC or others on publicly owned structures including courthouses, parks, plazas, jails, schools, etc. 
  • A list of partners the CHC actively worked with.

How to Access and Submit the Annual Report

Although we strongly urge chairs to submit the report online, we understand this may not be feasible for everyone. Because of this, we have provided three options for submitting the report.

  • Submit your annual report online: CHC chairs who have an email address on file with the THC will be emailed a SurveyMonkey weblink on January 2 to complete the report online.
  • Submit your annual report by email: Open the annual report template provided below, type in answers, and email the completed report to 
  • Submit your annual report by mail: Print the annual report template provided below, write in your answers, and mail the completed report to: 

    Texas Historical Commission 
    Attn: Jaclyn Zapata, 
    PO Box 12276
    Austin, TX 78711

Annual Reporting Template (Word, PDF)

Annual Reporting Tracking

See a list of CHCs who have submitted an annual report each reporting cycle here.