Standing atop a windswept remote hill, the remains of a 150-year-old West Texas fort beckon curious visitors to the site that is now considered one of the best preserved and most intact examples of a Texas Indian Wars (1850–1875) military post. Take in the spectacular Hill Country vistas and experience the history of early West Texas life through the real stories of the infantrymen, Buffalo Soldiers, women, and children who lived at what Gen. William T. Sherman once described as "the prettiest post in Texas." Restored structures include the officers’ quarters, barracks, hospital, school house, dead house, sink, and post headquarters. In addition, there are ruins of several buildings, most notably the commanding officer’s quarters, which burned in 1941, and the barracks along the north side of the parade ground, which once was the longest building west of the Mississippi River.

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7066 FM 864  
Fort McKavett, TX 76841 
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8 a.m.–5 p.m. 

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Ages 5 & Under Free 
Adults $4 
Students, Seniors, Adult Tours, and Youth $3 
Family Fee (2 adults/1 child) $8 
School Groups $1 

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Visitors being photographed by a site educator

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At Fort McKavett State Historic Site, visitors travel into the past viewing restored structures of a military fort that was established in 1852.

Buffalo Soldiers during a living history event

Fort McKavett History

In March 1852, the 8th U.S. Infantry established Fort McKavett to protect West Texas settlers and serve as a rest stop for California-bound immigrants. 

Events at Fort McKavett

A black and white illustration from a 19th Century newspaper of ladies and gentlemen attending a formal ball in the New York Metropolitan Opera House celebrating the Centennial of the United States with a large portrait of George Washington hanging from the ceiling with American flag bunting

Officers' Ladies Societies- Washington's Birthday

Celebrate the 1st President of the United States with the Officers and Ladies of Fort McKavett!

A temporary display case filled with archeological artifacts including stone tools, ceramic shards, and clay pipes

Fort McKavett Archeology Exhibiton

See the history of Fort McKavett "from the ground up" and learn how you can help preserve the history of Texas Historical Sites!

A reenactor portraying a U.S. Army Soldier working as a carpenter holding a handsaw standing next to a large tool box of antique carpentry tools

"Any Ingenious Man": Extra Duty Soldiers in the Trades

Join the Soldiers in the skilled trades needed to build and maintain Fort McKavett!