George H. W. and George W. in the 1950s on the front porch of the house in suits.
Photo of WWII Spy, Claire Phillips.

Webinar: Spies of the Pacific, the Claire Phillips Story

Join the National Museum of the Pacific War for their latest Webinar, Spies of the Pacific: The Claire Phillips Story, with guest speaker Amanda A. Ohlke.

Ohlke is the Director of Adult Education at the International Spy Museum. As a key member of the Spy Museum creative team since 2004, she helped develop the Museum’s exhibitions for the reopening in 2019. Since 2004, she has worked on a wide variety of exhibitions and programs ranging from Civil War espionage to James Bond villains. She frequently represents the International Spy Museum in the media on historical and current espionage topics and has been a guest expert on “Mysteries at the Museum” numerous times.

During this 30 minute online webinar, Ohlke will recount the story of Claire Phillips. Born in 1907, Phillips was a stage actress and singer from Portland, Oregon. She gained recognition for her bravery as a spy and humanitarian during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War II. Renowned as an author and activist, she was honored with the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian wartime decoration in the United States.