After Col. James W. Fannin surrendered to Mexican forces, Gen. Santa Anna ordered him and his men executed in nearby Goliad, against the wishes of other Mexican commanders. The surrender, and unanticipated execution, inflamed the Texas cause, spurring the battle cry “Remember Goliad!” Located about 10 miles east of Goliad, visitors today walk the landscaped grounds and view the impressive stone obelisk that honors the spot where Fannin surrendered, taking a moment to remember the men who helped forge Texas’ destiny. An interpretive exhibit, group pavilion, and picnic area are also on the 14-acre grounds. 

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734 FM 2506
Fannin, TX 77960
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8 a.m.–5 p.m. 

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Pavilion on the grounds

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Self-guided site tours of Fannin Battleground State Historic Site include memorial features such as a commemorative obelisk and the historic gin press screw that was first placed at the site in 1894.


Fannin Battleground History

After word spread that the Alamo had fallen on March 6, Texas Commander in Chief Sam Houston ordered Col. James W. Fannin to destroy Presidio La Bahia.

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Extra Large History

Texans and visitors to our great state have long shared a fascination with the story of Texas’ independence from Mexico. It’s chock-full of larger-than-life historical figures, intense political and military conflicts, and amazing stories of ordinary people experiencing extraordinary things.