Wish you had some quality instruction to help get past the learning curve of Milky Way photography just in time for this year's Milky Way season? Come learn from professional photographer, Lynn Cromer, during this two day and two night Milky Way Photography workshop. In addition to Milky Way photography, there will also be special instruction on how to photograph the upcoming solar eclipse! The schedule of instruction will include:

- Classroom and Field Session, Friday, April 5th
- Classroom and Field Session, Saturday, April 6th

Each classroom session will take place at 2 pm and last 2 to 3 hours, depending on the number of questions after the initial presentation. During the classroom sessions Lynn will cover:

- When and where to photograph the Milky Way.
- Equipment required, from basic to professional.
- Basic camera settings.
- Use of foreground objects to enhance your Milky Way images.
- Low level landscape lighting techniques.
- Milky Way panoramas.
- Post processing using Adobe Lightroom.

The field (shooting) sessions each night will last until all demonstration is complete, and will include:

- Photographing Milky Way alone.
- Photographing Milky Way and foreground.
- Using Low Level Landscape Lighting in Nightscape Photography.
- Photographing Milky Way Panoramas.

Suggested minimum equipment:

- A camera that can be operated in manual mode.
- Wide angle lens from 12mm to 50mm focal length.
- Tripod.
- A small WHITE led keyring light. NO RED LIGHTS ALLOWED.

Admission to attend the Milky Way Photography Workshop is $20 per person (includes night time sessions). Please give us a call at 325-762-3592 to reserve your participation in the workshop. Spots are limited, so reservations are required to attend. Camping reservations are also available in our campground and the astronomy area near the visitor center.