Public Tour

A Place for Gathering
Timing: Approximately one hour, Monday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Cost: Adults $5, seniors $4, children $2

People have gathered at this place on the Navasota River for thousands of years; archeological evidence suggests that the earliest campers were nomadic hunter-gatherers more than 5,000 years ago. From the 1880s through the 1940s, this location was used by the Confederate veterans of Limestone County for their annual reunions. Visitors may take a self-guided walking or driving tour of the site using a map and interpretive brochure, which highlights historic and natural features. Activity sheets are also available in the visitor center to aid in the exploration of the historic site.

Visitors to Confederate Reunion Grounds experience a combination of cultural and natural heritage. The site includes three primary stories for preservation, including the pre-history, post-Civil War Reunion Movement, and early Texas oil boom. Visitors have the opportunity to experience first-hand a Civil War-era cannon with documented history for both Federal and Confederate action, a 1902 Dance Pavilion listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and ruins of structures from the Mexia Oil Boom. 

Natural heritage and recreational opportunities include walking trails, picnicking and playground use, Navasota River paddling trail for canoes and kayaks, fishing, birding trail, photography, group tent camping, historic landscaping, and wildlife. Visitors can combine cultural and natural heritage during their visit, such as a picnic on the grounds and a walking, self-guided tour of historic ruins and structures on the site. 

The site spans 76 acres and involves extensive walking to visit historic structures, ruins, and walking trails. Developed walking trails include Echol's Spring Trail (0.8 miles) and Tehuacana Trail (.35 miles). The interior roads are paved, and many historic structures and ruins can be visited within a short walk from parking areas. Golf carts are available for visitors to use, if needed. Approximate tour times of the Confederate Reunion Grounds are given below: 

  • 30 minutes to view the site by car 
  • 2-3 hours to visit historic structures and ruins 
  • 4-5 hours to visit historic structures, ruins, and walking trails 
  • 6-8 hours to visit historic structures, ruins, walking trails, and enjoy natural heritage for canoeing/kayaking, picnicking, and/or fishing 

A visitor center is located on site and staff are available to answer questions for visitors who want a more in-depth discussion of the site’s history. Parking is available on site and located at access points for the visitor center, walking trails, Navasota River, 1893 Dance Pavilion, restrooms, and playground area. 

Museum Store 

A museum store is located on site with caps, mugs, children’s toys, books, postcards, and other gifts for sale. 


ADA-accessible restroom facilities are provided on site, and the 1902 Dance Pavilion is wheelchair accessible. Paved roads and parking as well as regularly maintained grounds, walking trails, and sidewalks make this site visitor friendly. 


Public restroom facilities are in the visitor center as well as the interior of the site. Drinks are available for sale at the visitor center. Visitors are welcome to bring food and drinks on site. The site can accommodate very large groups, such as reunions, weddings, and overnight group camping. 

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