Explore the captivating history of the Caddo tribe at Caddo Mounds State Historic Site. Our field trips offer an immersive experience into the history of this prehistoric village and ceremonial center located on the original El Camino Real de los Tejas. Join us for an educational adventure filled with hands-on activities and discoveries.

Plan Your Field Trip 

Guided field trips are scheduled for groups of 15 or more; not counting underage siblings or chaperones. 

  • Groups over 25 students will be broken into subgroups, which will rotate through four to five educational stations. 
  • Groups of less than 15 students are welcome to visit and take part in self-guided activities but will not receive a guided program. 
  • We recommend a maximum of 60 students and cannot accommodate more than 80 students per field trip. 
  • There must be one chaperone for every learning station (4-5). 

A typical Caddo Mounds Field trip requires a 1.5–2 hour visit, and includes a museum tour and video, three to four education stations, and a self-guided hike on the Caddo or El Camino Real loop trails. 

The charge for On-site Educational Tours and Activities is $1 per student. Teachers, 1-to-1 student aides, and bus drivers are all free of charge. We also allow one free chaperone for every 10 students. Additional chaperones are $1 per adult. 

Teachers and chaperones may be asked to help facilitate aspects of the tour. 

In the event of a lack of staffing or volunteers, there will be self-guided activities available for each education station. 

Field trips must be scheduled online at least three weeks before you hope to visit via our Request a Field Trip form. You will receive a follow-up email and call to schedule your visit and confirm details. 

Guided tours are given on Wednesday–Friday. Tours can be booked for morning and begin at 9:00/9:30 a.m. and afternoon slots begin at 1:00/1:30 p.m. Self-guided tours can be booked for any day the site is open. 

Students can bring a picnic lunch or school-provided sack lunch to enjoy on site either before or after their tour outside at our picnic tables. 

Tours at Caddo Mounds are primarily an outdoor experience. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes. 

Please note: For visitor and staff safety, whenever inclement weather and/or severe weather watches are present, group tours will be canceled. 

There is no food available for purchase on site. There are water and drinks available for a cash donation to our Friends of Caddo Mounds group. 

Education Stations 

The Museum 

The museum and visitor center offers a small exhibit space highlighting both ancestral and contemporary Caddo. There is a nine-minute site video available to give students an introduction to the Caddo and Caddo Mounds SHS. 

Koo Hoot Kiwat, The Caddo Grass House 

Students will learn about the traditional houses and lifeways of the Caddo, who lived for centuries at what is now Caddo Mounds. 

Keekah Nattee Toots’ah Naht’ooh, Snake Woman’s Garden 

The Caddo were the first farmers of Texas! Students will learn about Caddo agricultural practices as well as about what is growing and living in Snake Woman’s Garden. 

Atl Atl (for 4th grade and up) 

Students will learn about early hunting technologies and have an opportunity to try their hands at using an atl atl to throw atl atl darts. 

The Trails (self-guided) 

Walk the loop trails at Caddo Mounds to learn about the Caddo and the history of the Camino Real de los Tejas. 

Want to visit two great sites in one day? Schedule a half day at Caddo Mounds and a half day at Mission Tejas State Park (6 miles up the road). Contact Mission Tejas at 936-687-2394.