The Home

Opened on April 11, 2006, the home has been restored to the early 1950s and reflects the lives of the young family through exhibits and furnishings.

Nowhere outside the United States, other than the White House, have so many prominent political figures lived in one home—two presidents, two governors, a first lady, ambassador, CIA director, and much more.

Visiting the Bush home will provide insight about the early years of the Bush family and post-World War II America.

Join us in celebrating this wonderful piece of history and walk in the footsteps of one of America's great families.

The Bush Family

In 1948, the Bush Family left New England to make a new start in West Texas. George and Barbara Bush had moved constantly since they married on January 6, 1945. However, their new house at 1412 West Ohio Ave. was only the second home they had actually owned, and it was by far the largest.

They were active leaders in the community, their church,  the YMCA and busy with George's growing new business, the Bush-Overby Oil Development Company. The first year in the home was a happy time for the young family, with a wonderful neighborhood and a new baby on the way. West Texas had truly become home. Yet in 1953, shortly after the birth of Jeb in February, his sister, Robin, was diagnosed with leukemia and died in October.

Although tragedy had befallen the Bushes, their love and devotion to family, and the support from their friends and community, helped them find strength. In January 1955, they welcomed their fourth child, baby Neil, into the family with much joy and happiness.

The Legacy

The Bush family was growing along with George's business, which became Zapata Petroleum. The family would eventually welcome two more children, Marvin and Dorothy.  

George H.W. Bush began his long career as a public servant in Houston, where George W. went to school before moving back to Midland. Each man would ultimately build a business and enter political life, both becoming the president of the United States.

Through this American family, we can see the reality of an American Dream that started long ago in the West Texas oil fields and a Midland neighborhood. The Bush Family Home serves as a testament to hard work, dedication, and commitment to community and what that can mean later in life.

The legacy of the Bush Family serves as inspiration to all who bear witness, and this home stands as a monument to that legacy.