Antiquities Permits

Fayette County Courthouse, La Grange

State Antiquities Landmark (SAL) is the highest level of historical designation offered by the State of Texas. This designation stipulates that a property cannot be removed, altered, damaged, salvaged, or excavated without a permit from the Texas Historical Commission (THC). Before commencing work on an SAL, the property owner must notify the THC of the proposed project. For complex projects, please consult THC staff early in the planning or design process in order to avoid delays. If a permit is required, THC staff will respond within 30 days of notification by providing a permit application form and indicating any required attachments and application reports. The Antiquities Permit Application Forms for Archeology, Underwater Archeology, and Historic Building and Structure Permits may also be downloaded from the Forms page.

Depending on the nature of the project, an archeologist or architect with relevant professional qualifications and experience must oversee the permitted work and will be responsible for submitting any required reports. Permits are issued under the signature of the Executive Director of the THC or his designated representative, and include the terms and conditions governing the project work.

Archeology Permits

Archeology Permits may be issued for the following categories: annual permit, alternative mitigation, data recovery, emergency permit, exhumation permit, intensive survey, monitoring, preservation of rock art, reconnaissance survey, testing, underwater excavations, underwater survey, and underwater test excavations. For more information about qualifying for and submitting permit applications, please see Archeological Consultants Working in Texas.

Historic Building and Structure Permits

Historic Building and Structure Permits may be issued for preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, reconstruction, architectural investigation, hazard abatement, new construction, and in rare cases, relocation or demolition. The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties serve as the guiding principles for evaluating proposed work. All Historic Building and Structure Permits require submission of a completion report before the permit expiration date. The Historic Building and Structure Permit Completion Report Form and a sample completion report may be downloaded from the Forms page.

Further Reading

Requirements for Antiquities Permits, including professional qualifications, permit application and issuance procedures, and report requirements, are explained in greater detail in the Rules of Practice and Procedure for the Antiquities Code of Texas (Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Chapter 26) under Statutes, Regulations, and Rules.

For more information on SAL permits, please contact the applicable project reviewer for your county.