Texas Heritage Trails

The Texas Heritage Trails Program is the Texas Historical Commission's  award-winning heritage tourism initiativeThe Texas Heritage Trails Program THTP is the Texas Historical Commission's award-winning heritage tourism initiative. This economic development initiative encourages communities, heritage regions, and the state to partner and promote Texas' historic and cultural resources. These successful local preservation efforts, combined with statewide marketing of heritage regions as tourism destinations, increase visitation to cultural and historic sites, and bring more dollars to Texas communities. This, in turn, supports the THC's mission to protect and preserve the state's historic and prehistoric resources for the use, education economic benefit, and enjoyment of present and future generations.

2018 marked the 20th year of the Texas Heritage Trails Program as we know it today, and the 50th  anniversary of the Texas Travel Trails, the driving trails that the current program is based around. To learn more, go to Texas Heritage Trail Regions' 50th anniversary.

Texas Heritage Trail Regions


Our Vision

We envision Texas as a place where:

  • The diverse places of the Lone Star State are preserved and promoted for present and future generations
  • Visitors and residents delight in experiencing, firsthand, the real places telling the real stories of our state's heritage and cultures.
  • The total visitor experience of Texas' diverse places stimulates local economies.
  • Heritage tourism is a community-based enterprise that contributes to its livability and sense of place.




Hours contributed by volunteers through the Texas Heritage Trails Program

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