Throckmorton County Courthouse

Due to a significant population drop and the residual effects of the Civil War, efforts were made to organize Throckmorton County in 1879, nearly twenty years after its establishment. In 1890, West Texas architects Martin, Byrnes & Johnson designed what is now the existing structure in the town of Throckmorton. The Italianate style building is a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, State Antiquities Landmark, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The five-year restoration was completed in 2015, undoing much of the 1930s addition and renovation work. KBL Restoration of Hallsville performed a wide scope of work on the building, including the removal of the addition, restoration of windows and doors, and reconstruction of the roof and wooden cupola. Interior elements such as the original long-leaf pine flooring, wainscoting, doors, transoms, ceilings, stairs and shutters were restored to their 1890 appearance. Modern amenities were incorporated for accessibility needs and compliance, including the construction of an elevator, ramps, bathrooms, new fire safety and security measures, and updated HVAC and electrical systems.
The THC awarded $2.7 million in grants over two cycles, and the courthouse was rededicated on March 12, 2015.

Courthouse CTA
Mason County Courthouse under construction

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