Sutton County Courthouse

Designed by Oscar Ruffini, a prominent architect from San Angelo, the 1891 courthouse in Sonora exemplifies the Second Empire style. Much handwork is evident in the limestone and dressed stone.

All windows were restored and missing roof dormers and roof cresting were reconstructed from historic photographs. On the interior, all new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems including fire protection and accessibility improvements were carefully integrated into the original design.

A non-original tile floor at the first floor corridors and offices was removed and replaced with salvaged wood. Original wood windows, doors, stairways, and wainscot were refinished to match the original stain, and wood shutters were reconstructed at all window openings. Wall colors were restored and a decorative wall stenciling of gold and copper leaf was recreated. All vault door decorative finishes were painstakingly restored.

The courthouse was rededicated on June 11, 2002.

Courthouse CTA
Mason County Courthouse under construction

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