Archer County Courthouse

The 1891 Archer County Courthouse was designed by Fort Worth architect Alonzo Dawson. The original construction featured a tall central tower. In 1926, the courthouse was dramatically remodeled by a Fort Worth architect, Elmer G. Withers. The original tower was removed and a third floor of offices was added.

Due to the substantial changes and the importance of Withers, the project restored the courthouse to its 1926 appearance and configuration. Inappropriate metal windows and stone infill from the 1960s were removed. Wood windows were installed to match the 1926 design. The contemporary lowered ceiling of the courtroom was removed and the District Court balcony restored. Wood floors throughout the building were uncovered from beneath layers of vinyl tile. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were replaced, and the courthouse was made accessible to people with disabilities.

The rededication celebration was held on May 12, 2005.  

Courthouse CTA
Mason County Courthouse under construction

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