Located at Fort Griffin State Historic Site, residents and visitors can experience longhorns similar to those that were in Texas more than a century ago. Herd managers will continue to raise the cattle from calves, in the image of the animals that are so important and integral to telling the real stories of our state's history. Much like the residents of this state, the longhorn is a true Texan with roots in many places, but forever changed and refined by its time in the Lone Star State.

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1701 N. U.S. Hwy. 283 
Albany, TX 76430 
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Open Daily 
8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

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Ages 5 & Under Free 
Adults $4 
Students, Seniors, Adult Tours, and Youth $3 
Family Fee (2 adults/1 child) $8 
School Groups $1 

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Closeup of two longhorns at Fort Griffin

Plan Your Visit

Starting at the visitor center, heritage travelers can explore interpretive exhibits to get an understanding of the region and why the U.S. military built a fort in 1867 at this location.

Longhorns grazing in a field at Fort Griffin

State of Texas Longhorn Herd History

The Texas Longhorn, one of the state's most iconic symbols, has been hoofing through Texas history for centuries.