Welcome to the new Texas Historical Commission website!

This is the most major update and refresh of this resource since it launched in 2012.

This new site reflects what we learned from an outreach to our visitors at the end of 2021, an extensive requirements-gathering effort over the summer of 2022, and a design and development process throughout 2023 guided by a vendor specializing in public sector and government websites. 

All agency information, services, and content are now organized across four tabs (Preserve, Travel, Learn, and Review) allowing users to navigate to the resource they need.  

More and more of our web visitors access our site through mobile devices, so we put a lot of effort into the mobile experience. But lots of folks still primarily view our site through their computer – so we tried to make that an attractive experience as well.

Our internal users will enjoy more advanced and easier-to-use tools for content creation, meaning the information you encounter here will be more robust and dynamic.

Finally, the relaunch of our site creates a foundation to build on for wherever the web and our digital users go next. Our staff will continue to curate the information on this site and look for new ways to make it more accessible and useful to you. We hope to roll out some all-new tools and features in coming years to help you become even more involved in the preservation of Texas history.

Thanks for your visit!