Additional Resources

The following resources provide further information on the history of Texas courthouses.

Courthouse Cornerstones

Other Publications (in alphabetical order)

The Courthouse Square in Texas - 2000, Robert E. Veselka & Kenneth E. Foote.

The Courthouses of Texas - 1962, Clark Coursey.

The Courthouses of Texas: A Guide - 1993, 2007, Mavis P. Kelsey & Donald H. Dyal.

Courtin' Texas: One Candidate's Travels Through Texas 254 Counties & their Courthouses - 1995, John W. Odam.

Gone From Texas; Our Lost Architectural Heritage – 1981, Willard B. Robinson.

Historic Texas Courthouses - 2006, Michael Andrews, Paul Hester & Lisa Hardaway.

Old Friends: Great Texas Courthouses - 1999, Bill Morgan & Ernest J. Hammond.

The People's Architecture: Texas Courthouses, Jails, and Municipal Buildings - 1983, Willard B. Robinson.

The Texas Courthouse - 1971 / The Texas Courthouse Revisited - 1984, June Rayfield Welch & J. Larry Nance.

Texas Justice: The Legacy of Historical Courthouses - 2004, Martana.

The Texas Judicial Cookbook - 2007, Dennis R. Mott.

Buck Schiwetz' Texas - 1960, Edward M. Schiwetz.


The Golden Age of Texas Courthouses - 2004, Texas Foundation for the Arts in association with Sunset Productions.

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