Which Region Am I In?

Regional staff is available to answer questions regarding the Texas Heritage Trails Program or to consult with you about heritage tourism in your community. The regional executive directors are tourism, marketing, and preservation specialists who can assist communities and sites with heritage tourism needs.

To learn which region your community is in, please use this handy reference guide (PDF) that lists the counties located in each region.

Once you locate your region, you can contact the appropriate individual listed below:

Texas Heritage Trail Region Contacts

Texas Brazos Trail Region Texas Lakes Trail Region
Executive Director TBD Jill Campbell Jordan, Executive Director
P.O. Box 5396, Waco, TX 76708 P.O. Box 226, Santo, TX 76472 
Office: 254-307-9407 Office: 817-573-1114, ext. 1139
info@texasbrazostrail.com Cell: 817-559-2288; Fax: 817-573-8291 
www.texasbrazostrail.com jill@texaslakestrail.net
Texas Forest Trail Region  
Del Polikretis, Executive Director Texas Mountain Trail Region
200 E. Main St., Nacogdoches, TX 75961 Wendy Little, Executive Director
Office/Cell: 936-560-3699 P.O. Box 1884, Alpine, TX 79830
del@texasforesttrail.org Office/Cell: 432-294-4312
www.texasforesttrail.com info@texasmountaintrail.com
Texas Forts Trail Region  
Tammie Virden, Executive Director Texas Pecos Trail Region
P.O. Box 208, Abilene, TX 79604 Melissa Hagins, Executive Director
Office/Cell: 800-484-1462 P.O. Box 7045, Midland, TX 79708 
tft@texasfortstrail.com Office: 432-262-1927
www.texasfortstrail.com Cell: 432-212-5910
Texas Hill Country Trail Region www.texaspecostrail.com
Joanne Crawford, Executive Director  
P.O. Box 93041, Austin, TX 78709  Texas Plains Trail Region
Office/Cell: 830-739-1362 Allison Kendrick, Executive Director
info@txhillcountrytrail.com P.O. Box 88, Lubbock, TX 79408-0088 
www.txhillcountrytrail.com Office/Cell: 800-930-6024
Texas Independence Trail Region www.texasplainstrail.com
Seneca McAdams, Executive Director  
24165 IH-10 West, Ste. 217 #626 Texas Tropical Trail Region
San Antonio, TX 78257 Sandy Jumper, Executive Director
Office/Cell: 979-353-1800 PO Box 10402, Corpus Christi, TX 78460
info@texasindependencetrail.com Office/Cell: 361-558-0515
www.texasindependencetrail.com info@texastropicaltrail.com