CHC Outreach Program

Meet Our Team

Nano Calderon

Nano Calderon is the County Historical Commission (CHC) Outreach Program Coordinator. He has worked in various roles at the THC for over a decade and enjoys teaching others about interpreting historic and cultural resources.

Jaclyn Zapata

Jaclyn Zapata is the CHC Outreach Program Specialist. She has been with the THC for over a year and is passionate about helping CHCs reach their county and statewide preservation goals.

How We Support CHCs

In the Office

  • We field phone calls and emails from CHCs in search of technical assistance and connect them to THC programs and partner organizations.
  • We evaluate annual reports from CHCs to identify statewide trends in organizational challenges and facilitate training opportunities to address these needs.  
  • We help CHCs align their work with the Texas Statewide Preservation Plan to allow for access to a wide range of resources from volunteers and professionals.
  • We evaluate annual reports to learn more about CHC activities and administer Distinguished Service Awards (DSAs).
  • We communicate agency updates to CHCs including training, program deadlines, award programs, and partner events.

In the Field

  • We meet with CHCs and county officials to explain the importance of CHCs, identify organizational challenges, and increase local support.
  • We speak at THC and partner conferences and events on how best to develop programs that involve and support CHC resources and efforts.
  • We connect CHCs through regional workshops and assist in planning workshop content.