Barton Creek Bridge

E.E. Runyon and Cable Stayed Bridges

The Barton Creek Bridge was abandoned in the 1940s and quickly forgotten, until its rediscovery in 2000 prompted a thorough survey of this unique structure by the Historic American Engineering Record. Although severely dilapidated, the bridge still displays elements of Runyon’s unique cable stayed design.



Barton Creek Bridge contains no fewer than 120 hand twisted wires, several with the castings for Runyon’s patented tensioning method still attached.




This modern day reconstruction of the original Barton Creek Bridge includes a model of Runyon’s unique hand-tensioning technique in the bottom left.




The towers attach to the roadway through a complex series of castings and cables. Unfortunately, these features have severely deteriorated.


This photo shows the Barton Creek Bridge shortly after its completion in 1890.