Fort McKavett State Historic Site Events

October 2023

October 6

In 1868, after nine years of neglect, the US Army returned to Fort McKavett and began rebuilding its structures. The Texas Rifles living history organization will portray the 35th Infantry Regiment assigned to rebuild and maintain Fort McKavett, along with general soldierly duties, like receiving pay, drill, and leisure. For more information, contact Rhett Kearns at

October 14

Join us for one of the most spectacular celestial events of 2023 at Fort McKavett! At approximately 11:48 am, the "ring of fire" will be visible from the Fort Parade Ground for nearly 5 minutes, making the site one of the best viewing places in the country for this eclipse. Astronomers from the Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society (JSCAS) will give presentations on eclipses and there will...

November 2023

November 17

Fort McKavett was established by the 8th Infantry Regiment in 1852 and was occupied by the Army until 1859. What did the soldiers do here in the pre-Civil War (Antebellum) era? Come see the soldiers perform drill, fatigue duty, and leisurely activities as they would have 170 years ago. For more information, contact Rhett Kearns at or at 325-396-2358.

December 2023

December 16

Join us at Fort McKavett for our Victorian Christmas Fair! See how life of a soldier, officer, and civilian living on the frontier may have experienced Christmas in the 1870s. This program has activities for you to take part in!