Fun Facts for County Historical Commissions

The following Fun Facts were taken from 2016 CHC Annual Reporting results.

  • CHCs participate in a wide range of activities but favor maintaining inventories of subject markers and cemeteries, along with providing educational presentations to the public.
  • More than 110 CHCs promote historic and cultural sites to develop and sustain heritage tourism initiatives in their county and region.
  • CHCs reported more than 470,000 volunteer hours for the 2016 year of service. Statewide reporting average is 2,800 hours per CHC per year.
  • CHCs report volunteer hours that are equivalent to more than 266 full time positions dedicated to saving and promoting Texas history.
  • At least 8 counties have hired a full-time CHC-county liaison whose job description involves providing services to their CHC. Several counties have hired an individual to address duties associated with history--archivist, curator, museum director, etc. 
  • Texas CHCs supplemented county allocations with more than $1,325,000 from grants, donations, and fundraisers to be used for history- and preservation-related activities.
  • At least 132 CHCs in Texas periodically assess the condition of subject markers in their county.
  • More than 76 CHCs identify and research historic highways, roads, and trails in their county.
  • More than 77 CHCs participate in a regional preservation or tourism events.
  • More than 85 CHCs provide tours of historic buildings and sites within the county.

Photos courtesy of Brazos CHC (top) and Atascosa CHC (bottom).