Our Divisions

The Texas Historical Commission includes divisions and departments dedicated to overseeing the many agency programs.

  • Administration

    This division is responsible for oversight of division programs, operations, agency and statewide planning, and works closely with commission members to develop policies and goals. In addition, the executive director represents the agency at various meetings of preservation organizations and stakeholders. The executive director serves as Texas' State Historic Preservation Officer, as mandated by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. The office includes the deputy executive director, the agency planner, the development officer, human resources, communications, and executive and administrative assistant. The deputy executive director also serves as the equal employment opportunity officer.

    The development officer works closely with the executive director and the Friends of the THC board of trustees to develop and execute fund-raising strategies for programs and initiatives of the agency. Support from the Friends comes from grants and contributions from corporate, foundation, and individual donors.

  • Archeology

    This division works to identify, protect, and preserve Texas' irreplaceable archeological heritage. The division is made up of these programs and projects:

    • State Archeology Program
    • Marine Archeology Program
    • State and Federal Review
    • Historical Designations
    • The Texas Historic Sites Atlas
    • Staff Archeologists

  • Architecture

    This division works to preserve and protect Texas’ diverse architectural heritage. Regional staff members review projects and administer grants for the following programs, as well as provide technical preservation guidance to individuals and organizations:

    • State and Federal Review
    • Federal and State Tax Credits
    • Texas Preservation Trust Fund
    • Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program
    • Disaster Assistance

  • Communications

    This department promotes the agency's projects and programs, and develops outreach strategies to increase awareness of the agency's mission and purpose. The staff:

    • Develops and implements marketing communications campaigns.
    • Coordinates public and media relations and staffs the public information office.
    • Designs and produces promotional materials such as brochures, invitations, programs, ads, and flyers.
    • Produces content and maintains the agency's web site.
    • Assists with developing and implementing heritage tourism promotions.
    • Plans and executes special events, grand openings, and press conferences.
    • Publishes the agency's quarterly newsletter, The Medallion.
    • Creates information and maintains the agency's social media presence.

  • Community Heritage Development

    This division works in partnership with communities and regions to revitalize historic areas, stimulate tourism, and encourage economic development through the use of preservation strategies.

    • The Texas Main Street Program
    • Heritage Tourism
    • Texas Heritage Trails Program
    • Certified Local Government Program
    • Education and Outreach
    • Economic Impact Study

  • Finance and Accounting

    This division is responsible for:

    • Receipt and deposit of all revenue
    • Accounting for all revenue and expenditures
    • Grant management and oversight
    • Maintaining property records and inventories
    • Preparing the payroll and reports
    • Preparing financial and budget reports
    • Processing vouchers for vendor payments

  • Historic Sites

    This division is responsible for overseeing the agency’s 36 historic attractions located throughout the state. Staff members welcome visitors, provide educational opportunities and exhibits, preserve historic structures and artifacts, and work with partner organizations in their communities. The attractions range from Native American ceremonial mounds to grand Victorian mansions to expansive frontier forts.

    Each historic site has its own website with information on the history, special events, and details for heritage travelers.

    Our 36 state historic sites are:

  • History Programs

    This division works with citizens, county historical commissions, museums, cemetery associations, local governments, state and federal agencies, and other interested parties to identify, evaluate, and interpret the historic and cultural resources of Texas. The Division includes these projects and programs:

    • State Historical Marker Program
    • National Register of Historic Places
    • Historic Cemetery Preservation
    • County Historical Commission Outreach
    • Museum Services
    • Public Project and Tax Credit Reviews
    • Military History Program
    • Historic Resources Survey
    • Historic Texas Highways

  • Procurement and Contracting Services

    This division is responsible for:

    • Purchasing and contracting for all goods and services
    • Management of the agency's Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) program
    • Maintaining the agency vehicles