Job Opportunities

The Texas Historical Commission includes professionals in many disciplines including archeologists, architects, accountants, project design assistants, historians, community development specialists, museum and curatorial professionals, purchasers, communicators, information technologists, and administrative support. At our historic sites, we may also employ museum and education specialists, sales staff, tour guides, graphic designers, administrators, maintenance technicians and supervisors. See the list below for current openings at our Austin headquarters or at one of our historic sites throughout the state. Click on the position title to view the complete posting.

To apply for these positions, you will be directed to the CAPPS Recruit website, Only applications submitted through the CAPPS Recruit website will be accepted and considered.

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***NOTE:  All CAPPS Recruit job postings extend priority of service to veterans.

Position Title THC Number Location Opening Date Status
Executive Director 23-71 Austin, TX 05/30/2023 Until filled
Archeological Project Reviewer (Archeologist III) 23-84 Austin, TX 06/21/2023 On hold
Chief Education Specialist, Historic Sites Division (Education Specialist IV) 23-95 Austin, TX 06/30/2023 On hold
Interpretive Specialist - Project Management and Interpretive Writing (Program Specialist IV) 23-97 Austin, TX 07/05/2023 On hold
Network and Server Administrator (Systems Analyst V) 23-103 Austin, TX 07/14/2023 Until filled
Educator/Interpreter (Program Specialist II) 23-1600-108 San Felipe, TX 07/24/2023 On hold
Site Manager, Fulton Mansion State Historic Site (Park/Historic Site Superintendent III) 23-1000-76R Rockport, TX 07/26/2023 On hold
Grants Specialist (Grants Specialist III) 23-110 Austin, TX 07/28/2023 Until filled
Educator/Interpreter (Program Specialist II) 23-2700-115 Goliad, TX 08/07/2023 On hold
Digital Engagement Coordinator (Information Specialist III) 23-119 Austin, TX 08/16/2023 On hold
Educator/Interpreter (Program Specialist II) 23-2000-100R San Augustine, TX 08/18/2023 Until filled
Educator/Interpreter (Program Specialist II) 23-2100-106R Austin, TX 08/21/2023 Until filled
Procurement and Contract Specialist (Contract Specialist V) 23-122 Austin, TX 08/21/2023 Until filled
Historic Architectural Easement Monitor (Environmental Protection Specialist II/III or Architect I) 23-123 Austin, TX 08/23/2023 Until filled
Community Liaison, Texas Main Street Program (Program Specialist III) 23-127 Austin, TX 08/31/2023 Until filled
Lead Educator/Interpreter (Program Specialist III) 23-1800-128 West Columbia, TX 08/31/2023 On hold
THC Heritage Tourism Communications Coordinator (Information Specialist IV) 23-129 Austin, TX 08/31/2023 On hold
Programs Specialist, Community Heritage Development (Program Specialist I) 24-1 Austin, TX 09/01/2023 Until filled
Maintenance Supervisor (Maintenance Supervisor I) 24-2600-2 Goodnight, TX 09/07/2023 Until filled
Regional Coordinator/Communications (Program Specialist IV) 24-3 Austin, TX 09/07/2023 On hold
Educator/Interpreter (Program Specialist II) 24-2800-5 Midland, TX 09/20/2023 Until filled
Educator/Interpreter (Program Specialist II) 24-1200-6 Brazoria, TX 09/25/2023 Until filled
Educator/Interpreter (Program Specialist II) 24-2600-7 Goodnight, TX 09/27/2023 Until filled
CAPPS Financial Analyst (Financial Analyst III) 24-8 Austin, TX 09/27/2023 Until filled
Chief Accountant of Accounts Payable (Accountant VI) 24-9 Austin, TX 09/28/2023 Until filled
Development Manager (Program Specialist IV) 24-10 Austin, TX 09/28/2023 Until filled

To apply for positions listed above, go to CAPPS Recruit.

THC participates in E-Verify and will provide the Social Security Administration and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security, with information from each new employee's Form I-9 to confirm work authorization.